• Freyan Bhathena

An Industrious and Glorious Education!

A globally renowned Art and Fashion Institution with a footprint in Indian Academia opened an affiliate institution in Mumbai and invited Word It Well proprietor, Miss Freyan Bhathena to join in as Industry Faculty.

For three years, Freyan has been teaching the Fashion Branding lectures at the Parsons affiliated Fashion Course at ISDI.

It is not enough for students from any field to have specialists train them for the big bad world. Industry specialist like Freyan, are often called in to guide them through the transition from learner to earner.

Students stand to benefit a great deal not only from the noted academicians hired to train them but also from industry experts who bring in practical applications for all their theoretical concepts.

As a Branding and Media specialist, Freyan is able to help students visualize how their creative concepts pan out in the business world.

Apart from the concepts of branding, applied to the ever expanding fashion segment, students learn how to source news and stay up to date on how fashion conglomerates grow, the study that constantly improves the knowledge of every business developer and strategist.

They imbibe the harsh truths of how each idea carries with it cost components and marketing challenges unlike those presented in their academic bubbles.

Industry faculty carry with them years of experience as well as a roster full of connections that serve as potential employers to the young and budding minds of the freshly-minted fashion folk, ready to take their first steps in an internship. On multiple occasions, students benefit from personal connections and step into solid jobs right out the door.

There are fantastic benefits of incorporating industry experts onto college faculty rolls. Kudos to colleges everywhere, which take the time and use their agency to source out experts that make their students shine even brighter.

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