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10 reasons why you should be 'besties'​ with a Content Specialist like me!

If you are selling a service or product, making chocolates from home or a boutique, are a consulting astrologer or even a small jewellery business owner, we need to be friends. Let me tell you why.

As a Business Owner your responsibility is to make the best product and command the best price you can for it.

As a Content and Branding Expert, I make it my job to find clients the right environment, the right message and the right forum for it's delivery.

Imagine us being Besties?

Spending time over coffee and chai sharing ideas and making your business grow together. I will introduce you to great platforms, partner you with the best event companies and sit you down at the forums where people take you seriously. I will have the Press want your story, I will make stories for you.

In return, you will value my insights, give me ideas to weave, platforms to spin wonderful stories on and a wand to mesmerize the market with! All I really want is the recognition that I put that smile on your face and that moolah in your account!

I am not a very high maintenance friend either. I will understand your business, the value of your product, the potential of your sales and growth, give you the way forward, hold your hand on the road and even charge you nominally for it.

Sounds good?

As a good friend, I will make this easier to understand with these 10 pointers! Here are some very cool reasons we should be besties!

1: I am not time consuming

I'm the kind of friend that doesn't throw a tantrum when you are busy!

Time is IMPORTANT and marketing can swallow your time up before you even know it. Content placed right, does the marketing for you while you get to concentrate on creating your product or sharpening your service. Instead of wasting more of your time trying to research competitors, understand website jargon and creating well worded and impactful pitches, leave that to someone who lives and breathes branding. As a Content Expert I use ALL my time creating targeted and influential content, giving you 24 hours to do your own thing! 

2: I have the writing and the jargon expertise

Don't bother cursing your education or trying to do a quickie Communications course. I am an expert at telling stories and I am here to tell yours in the best possible way.

As a writer I am a proud and skilled people. I enjoy appreciation and satisfied clients. Instead of copy pasting something that you think looks good for someone else, use an experienced Copy writer and Content Strategist like me to create stories around your particular product, content that is unique to you and your brand.

And all that mish-mash about SEO content, tagging etc? just let me deal with it for you.

3: I have some awesome friends of my own!

My other friends include high level Media, Public Relations and Experiential and Event Teams and I would love to show you off to them all the time. Maybe our coffee dates can include them every once in a while?

I will even introduce you to other client friends of mine so that you could all organically grow and barter and grow!

4: I am full of ideas and keeping it fresh!

I will always be there to give you ideas. Whether it is a campaign that sounds just perfect or a new forum where you can show off your skills, I keep informed of all the newest and most user friendly trends in the market that you could benefit from. And I never, ever bore you!

5: No need for excuses, I'll make sure all your friends are happy with you

Sometimes we let our busy lives take over and our friends grumble and drift away. I will NEVER let that happen to you my Bestie!

I will take control of your social media, posting and replying to your fan base and friends of your brand. I will time your stories in the media to meet the heavy festive rush or the change of season activity.

6: I make for great arm candy!

When your friends know that you have made a Branding and Content Strategist your new best friend, oh! how you will shine!

You value good product and a good Brand and Content Strategist is a great partner to have.

Add to this the benefits of error free and crisp communication hitting all the right notes all the time, without being a burden on you. You look and sound great to the world! Yup! I am definitely the good stuff!

7: I love a great challenge

A Brand Strategist is a great person to have at the table. I will understand your business from the perspective of GROWTH and VISION. I love a challenge and I totally love introducing people to great ideas and products. Challenge accepted!

8: I bring great gifts!

Forget the talent and the passion to help you. I bring you the gift of the gab! I can surprise you with marketing and branding ideas that are out of the box, trendy and suited to your needs. I gift wrap them beautifully for your audience too!

9: I will be your biggest cheerleader!

I never tire of championing a good cause. And if my bestie has something to celebrate, trust me I am the one throwing the party! My creative Event Planning ideas will have you bursting with pride in our friendship!

10: I really don't charge an arm and a leg!

I am a pocket friendly pal! No really! In the larger scheme of things you will understand the value of my time, effort and expertise and be super happy to share your table and your coffee with me.

To understand more about why we should be besties connect to me on LinkedIn or check out my website where I work for and with friends of Brands to create skilled and effective Brand and Communication Strategies.

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